South & Central America, which ranges from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. These Countries are well known for their wonderful natural wonders, amazing waterfalls, beaches, and historical sites.

When Traveling to Mexico, whether it’s Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, Cabo San Lucas, or Akumal, there is something to be said for the wonderful spirit that Mexico has. The beaches are as pristine as you can imagine, with fantastic views of both the mountains and local islands. The local atmosphere is filled with warmth and hospitality from the time you arrive at your destination. You can golf, swim with dolphins, or enjoy a tour of the many natural waterfalls in the area. It is truly a natural wonder. For more about Mexico and related cities see -

When traveling to Brazil, you must stop in Rio and shop at some of the local vendors shops, take in some of the local cuisine and escape to some of the best nightclubs. It’s a great place to just let go and be yourself. If you want to experience the best high end luxury, travel to Buzios and relax in a wonderful oceanfront villa with your family and friends. There is a richness about Brazil that you will not find in many other cultures, where doors are open, families and friends are always together, and celebrating is a part of their life. It is a warmth and kindness that brings travelers back again and again.

Costa Rica, a place where people go to experience the sounds and excitement of South America, with the true feel and beauty of the Caribbean. The Country boasts 800 miles of coastline, with exceptionally beautiful beaches. You can also find a private and secluded beach without looking far, making it one of those places people will go to escape from it all. This is a place where if you can imagine it, than you can do it; mountain biking, horseback riding, turtle tours, hiking, Bird and Wildlife watching, canoeing and caving. Traveling here is like entering into an amazing ecological journey. So if you have a nature buff in the family, this is the place to go. To learn more about Costa Rica see -

Belize, a central American Gem,, is a great place for families to travel to enjoy together, is uniquely English speaking, and this country has managed to protect over 40% of its natural wonders.

You can easily go from an amazing beach, to trekking through to visit a Mayan Temple, it’s just that easy to get lost in this beautiful country. People have often come here to visit the caves, hike, seek out Mayan adventures, or even to be married. This area is rich with history, culture, and wonderful local residents who are willing and ready to help you find something extra special to do.

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