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Florida Vacation Villa Rentals are some of the most sought after destinations.

Florida has long been the destination of choice for those jetsetters traveling in from Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Now you can find people from all over the world coming to visit the Sunshine State for some of the greatest beaches, hot spots, and family fun activities all packed in one. The Gulf Coast of Florida is quite enjoyed by those from Germany, Norway, and many European families. The draw is the weather, the climate, the boating, and the beautiful villa choices. Welcome to Florida, Willkommen to Florida, Bienvenue à la Floride, Velkommen til Florida, Bem-vindo à Flórida.

Where else can you find a tropical climate all year round that is close enough for American’s to enjoy without a passport? Many Americans love to travel, it’s part of our culture. We take our vacations with family, friends, and often times we bring along our extended family. It’s not until recently that Americans were drawn back to inter country travel. Because of the high cost of travel overseas and the incontinences that can come from passports, checkpoints, and traveling with small children, the lure is obvious. So it’s no wonder that Americans are coming to Florida, where Disney World, Sea World, Magic Kingdom, Busch Gardens, Parrot Jungle, Monkey Jungle, and so many more wonderful children’s parks are available to families. We are a Global Mecca of fun, a true travelers paradise.

Florida is best known for Miami Beach, with its high energy nightlife and boutique shopping. Miami Beach also has one of the best beaches around, where you can find sand for miles and miles. Miami Beach also offers some great Star Sightings, from Star Island to the Venetian islands, if you sit around long enough you are bound to run into or see your share of the rich and famous. Miami Beach Villa rentals are prohibited for less than 6 months, but go just a few miles away to Venetian Islands or to North Miami and South Miami and you will find great Vacation Villas. You are really just a 15-20 minute Drive away.

In Florida you will not see it all till you’ve visited Fort Lauderdale, known as being the Riviera of Florida. Fort Lauderdale is not what it was 30 years ago, it has grown and expanded to host annual fashion and film premieres. Fort Lauderdale’s famed Las Olas Boulevard also offers some of the most exclusive Vacation Villas you will ever find. The word Posh is just not enough to describe this location. Enjoy the boardwalks, high end shopping at Galleria Mall, and the extraordinary beaches.

Now For those who enjoy a quiet and more resort style community, you can try Boca Raton’s Great vacation Villas, or West Palm Beach and it’s very exclusive high end rentals. These are all great choices.

The other notable areas to visit are Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples, for the best vacations around. It’s just another great part of Florida. If visiting Cape Coral and the NE part of Florida remember they are boating communities and you can always book a yacht with your home. The Keys are also a great place to visit, recommended for those seeking to get away from it all. The Florida Keys stretch over 100 islands and include some of the best fishing, sailing, swimming, and some pretty amazing oceanfront residences. The ideas are just endless!

For those seeking the perfect vacation homes, please book early to get the perfect Luxury Villa vacation in Florida.


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