Thank you for Visiting where you can find all of your vacation rental needs. We have been marketing and booking homes for owners since 1999. We are true vacation rental company not a listing site where anyone can simply send a photo and list a home. We have very strict and specific home owner guidelines to protect our customers.

First and foremost we do list all homes. Just because you saw it on some other site does not mean that the house is (1) A legal rental (2) Qualified to be a Vacation Rental (3) It actually Exists. We work with all home owners and property managers that are licensed and have good reviews, can provide background and submit their application for approval. This is specifically for the benefit of all business and travelers safety. The last thing we want is for you to lose your hard earned money and show up and find your house does not exist. Unlike other sites we don't need to "Assure you we will get you money if this happens because we don't allow those listings in the first place.

We also take note of any complaints fairly quickly. These are homes and time to time of course things go wrong, air conditioning can need repair or pool heating stops working. Even small things like lawn care and Wi-Fi are important to note. Homes are special because they are a place that you can all come together and enjoy one another's company, privately and with a feeling like you're simply enjoying a second home. We want all of our guests experiences to be just that, enjoyment and vacation fun.

You'll find the site fairly easy to navigate, it's simple because we want you to enjoy the experience and not be put off by it. The links are easy to click onto and once you click onto it note that there are two arrows on the top right portion of your photos, that will enlarge the photo for you. To bring it back down to size simply hit the ESC button.

At the top right of each page you'll see an "Inquiry" button. That is where you can send us your information at any time. Once you browse and see what you like, simply tell us the homes in "ONE FORM" that interest you. Once you send that to us one of our qualified agents will send you a list of options that meet your criteria. Remember that you only need to send ONE FORM unlike other sites. We are going to check all homes that meet your needs.

Once you get a list back from our agent than you can begin the process of selecting which homes fit your specific needs, from Pet to Child friendly or Ski in and Out to Beachfront. We also have Fully Catered homes with chef and maids and can provide pickup and drop off at most locations.

Most likely you can search the internet and find the homes on other sites, that's true. However the pricing will always be the same OR better on our site. We have contracts with owners and managers that allow us special rates and DER perks. DER perks are things that only our guests receive, like icing on the cake services. These are not offered by any other person. If you find the pricing is better somewhere else, please let us know. We will match any price you find if the price is indeed accurate. There are many sites with inaccurate or old information, be weary of that possibility.

We know you are looking for the best rates and best service all rolled into one. You're going to find that here.

You are scouring the internet looking for that perfect house, but we've already done that for you! We work with all owners and managers in most locations and if you don't find a house you like please ask us, we do have pocket listings not located on our site. Some owners prefer to simply not list but to have the house be private until we receive an inquiry. This is for the protection of the owner and their home, as well as for the exclusivity of the home.

We have thousands of homes worldwide that we've gathered the past 16 years. That is 16 years worth of vetted, amazing, true vacation rentals. You'll save time by letting us do the work for you and you don't pay more, we are not the middle man, we are the booking agent for the owners and managers.

We accept Checks, Credit Cards, and Bank Transfers for most transactions. However for Credit Cards we do require 2 forms of Identification and we do call your bank as well for a verbal confirmation. With all the fraud out there we like to be sure you are protected. We do not charge some booking fee like other companies do, the owners pay us gladly, as do the resorts and hotels and any cruises you book with us.

You will receive an invoice with the breakdown of all transaction fees. The only additional amounts is if you pay with a credit card for handling in-house, which is nominal and sometimes waived. There is a 50% down of the total amount due to book, if within 30 days the full payment is due.

Cancellations are handled differently by each owner, if a holiday week typically that is non-refundable unless we can re-book those dates.

We like to be transparent and we do not want to sell you something at a higher price. For your own benefit we hope you will visit CSA Travel Insurance for your quote. They can help you with all of your Travel Insurance Needs. Most companies will charge you a higher rate for your insurance coverage and we would rather pass on the savings.

Pets are accepted in some of our homes, please refer to your agent for more information on booking a pet friendly home.

Unlike other companies we are fully licensed and insured and bonded and offer full Tour and Travel Planning, concierge, Wedding planning and Corporate retreats. We only partner with the best in Tour Operators worldwide for your safety and benefit.

We have lots of great Culinary, Cultural, Art, Safari, and lots of great Fitness Tours available.

Most of our homes include Wi-Fi, Pools (when requested), Lots have Heated pools at additional rates, Cable Television and local phone. Please ask if you need something specific so we can organize that for you. All of our bookings come with concierge services and planning of your trip.

Although each location is different the typical standards are: USA Check in 3 PM, Check out 11 AM - Caribbean Check in 3-4 PM and 10- 11 AM Check out - European Check in 4-6 PM Check out 10 - 11AM, - ASIA and Oceana Check in 3-4 PM and Check out 10-11 AM - South Africa Check in 3-4 PM and Check out 10 - 11 AM. Please ask about additional locations. Private Islands will vary. is not responsible for Hurricanes, Natural Disasters and Discord. Each booking agent, client, travel agent or affiliate is responsible for providing guests a Travel Insurance Option which they may "decline" however with the "decline" they are responsible for any loss of time, monies, or inconveniences. To include in that the trip cost, flights, time lost and other upfront costs associated with the cancelled trip.

Travel Insurance covers the trip, damages, as well some offer medical coverage. We are not responsible for any damages due guests for any reason, including specified Hurricane, Natural Disasters and Discord Take caution during travel that some countries you are traveling to may have internal discord. This means that the government is facing challenges and you may be forced into a position where you cannot travel into or out of the country. It is not Responsibility to manage your destination choices. Informed decisions should be made based on the Government Travel Bans. as well as Restrictions for CDC Travel Advisories.

As an educated traveler please be aware that the Hurricane Season is between Late May and Mid November in the Caribbean, Gulf and Mexico. The Typhoon Season is May to November in the Pacific, including the US Territories, Mexico and Parts of Central and South American. Typhoon Season in Asia runs through the year, but typically between May and October.

Please be an educated traveler and ask your Travel Adviser what dates would be good to travel and which locations would be safest As well traveling with small children, animals and larger families may require additional information, immunizations or further Visa Requirements prior to your trip. Be sure to ask the right questions so that you may travel safely.

**Remember when travelings internationally to check the CDC regularly for information regarding any turmoil or incidents. We will also keep you up to date as we receive information. If you require assistance in another language such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or French, please let us know. Other languages can also be requested.**

We hope you will allow us to make your next vacation your perfect vacation.

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