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England, Luxury Vacation Rentals, Cottages & Castles

England has a history that deepens with the times, from its Glorious Castles, to the sweeping countryside, no matter which way you turn England has something to offer. When most people think of the UK their mind is instantly drawn to the Royal Family and the area of London. London often draws its crowds from the amazing shopping, dining, and local attractions that are unlike any other. In London you will often find that it has a clear and distinct mind of its own, from the Tooting Common to the London Eye or even a tour of Stonehenge. Truly this is one of the most spectacular places to take your family and friends alike. It is no wonder that thousands of visitors flock to the city each month, from all parts of the Globe.

There is so much to do while Visiting England, from the very first time you arrive you'll see the hustle and bustle of London and it's amazing design and architecture. Stay at one of our iconic resorts within the city and be central to everything within minutes. Let us design the perfect vacation with your family, planning their tours around town where you can enjoy a trip down the "Beetles Tour Lane," where you get to enjoy the areas the group fancied. Or maybe you want to take a tour of some of the most beautiful castles and possibly stayover a night or two. The next morning get up and let us take you through the city like a local, enjoying the changing of the guards and maybe taking a tour of the King's Castle.

England is also known for it's scenic countryside and lakes during the spring and summer. The Cotswolds are some of the most beautiful lake and scenic regions about an hour outside of London. Here you can enjoy nature walks, picnics, taking a canoe out over the lakes and just enjoying the quiet of nature. It's truly a special place to unwind and take in the beauty around you and makes for a very special holiday. We can combine this with a chef, local tour, pre-stocking and so much more. If you love Lakes and you really want to renew yourself within the beauty, you may also consider visiting the Lake Region of England. You can find beautiful lakefront activities in the Cumbria Region, in NW England. This is where boating, fishing and so many other activities are found during the summertime. A special retreat for anyone searching for a truly special escape and place to unwind with the family.

No matter where your heart is set, we have some amazing destinations with lovely vacation rentals in England, from lovely Chateaus to beautiful apartments, villas and lake homes. We can be a part of your next English Experience!


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