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Caribbean Vacation Rentals, Luxury Villas Caribbean

The Caribbean has long been a place people take their families on vacation. From the time people could sail places like Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, were always a place people went for relaxation, to fish or snorkel and enjoy what the true "Island Living," means. There is no limit to the amazing times people can have in the Caribbean Islands.

Dreamexoticrentals strives to make sure we hand select our homes in the Caribbean to a certain standard. Not all homes make it onto our lists, not all homes are worthy of the name "Dream" because that's how we want to imagine that people who come to our site are feeling. Guests want to experience a "Dream Vacation" not just a place to go but a place to unwind and feel the magic of what it means to be part of the story line of your own life. Enjoying the moments and not just the noise of the workday. Here in the Caribbean you will enjoy the noise of the oceans flowing, the waves crashing and the beautiful people there to greet you every day.

Some of our favorites have been St. Martin for the amazing large estates that lead right down onto the sands, there are so many wonderful villas and beautiful locations for families to stay. Enjoy the Dutch side and the great flavor and music or enjoy the French side and dive into the modern homes with beautiful crisp linens and large infinity pools. When you think of the Caribbean everyone always remembers Anguilla. Anguilla has long been a favorite of the entertainers for the gorgeous white sandy beaches that strewn the islands shores for tip to tail. Anguilla has some of the most fantastic homes, large estates that are as extravagant as any castle is grand. The homes come fully staffed and have phenomenal summer rates if you want to try them out.

As we move past the Caribbean we fly through to the Island of Barbados with it's British feel and flair, the homes reminiscent of wonderful large English Estates with a flair of color and style. The warmth is inviting as are the island occupants who are always so courteous and nice enough to show you to a local hot spot if you ask. Sandy Bay is one of the most popular of the sandy beaches with the tropical white sands and luxurious hotels and villas. The homes often come staffed with maids, chefs and a concierge A wonderful trip for the entire family.

Some travelers shy away from the Islands of Jamaica and Dominican Republic, possibly not realizing that these are two wonderful locations to travel with families. There was in the past a concern that is much unwarranted now. Places like Punta Cana which offer beaches and golf and golf carts coming standard to most homes is a place you really don't want to miss if you love to golf. As well the Resort has plenty of other activities from Spas to Boating, a slew of wonderful things to do. In Jamaica you have wonderful beaches and first class resorts that have private villas within them. The resorts and homes are modern and have a full staff. These homes are far under priced just due to the location, which is a value for travelers. As Jamaica hopes to change the mindset of those who really don't know the island well, but when they finally get a taste they want more.

Two of the hottest places to visit are the Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos Island Chain and St. Bart's. The Providenciales has recently had a soar in luxury homes, bringing new travelers from all over the world to their Island. The draw of course is the Turquoise Waters which most say are unlike anywhere else in the world. Truth be told it seems as if the waters do feel bluer when you look out over the horizon onto the beaches which make for a spectacular sunset every time. Here you will find homes of every budget and size, some more glorious and modern and others more Relaxed and family focused. In St Barths the vision is so beautiful from the hilltop, as the homes are brushed like Canvas overlooking the ocean, much like the Italian Riviera. Each home has it's own unique feeling which is the thing that makes St. Barths so lovely. Not only for it's shopping and night life but for the individuality that each home possesses with it's own voice. The island is rich for many reasons, but in the end really the relaxation you feel when you arrive is some say "not comparable."

While each island has it's own mood and feeling they are all special to each of us for some reason. As well we cannot forget our private islands and the beautiful idea of the perfect Caribbean Private getaway or wedding. These are moments you simply do not forget and we are happy you are sharing them with us.


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