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Our Charities

Each year Dreamexoticrentals.com donates to multiple charities. We pride ourselves in being a "giving" company and we know it's only because of our clients we are able to do this and continue this work. Our charities range from Animal Foundations to Children's Charities and we always chose wisely. We have always taken pride in selecting the most deserving of the charities and foundations to work with and because of this we want our clients to know that we care. So moving forward we will give our clients the ability to help in choosing which charities they would like to donate to. We have selected the most need based and "real" charities doing the on the ground work that needs to be done and that also need the funding. This is just a small step for us as a giving company but we hope this will grow into a larger and more meaningful voice for those who cannot themselves ask for help.

Below find just a little more about teach charity and what it means to them, so that you know where the heart of the company lives & breathes is with the understanding that we are part of a bigger world and we are endeavored at turning this idea into a global reality as we are all capable of doing so much more than we can ever imagine. Join us in being part of the voice of change.

  • Rescue Dogs Rock

    Rescue Dogs Rock

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  • Kristi House

    Kristi House

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  • TCC Gives

    TCC Gives

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  • Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

    Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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  • Pit Crew Rescue Detroit

    Pit Crew Rescue Detroit

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