The oasis of Marrakech lies in the south of the kingdom of Morocco, surrounded by desert yet with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains which, in winter, are covered with snow. Marrakech is just a 3½ flight from London, yet it offers almost guaranteed sunshine for 9-10 months of the year, so is a wonderful holiday destination.  Many people love Morocco for it’s beautiful Indian and Balinese styling of homes and the amazing tropical climate. 

Some cities to consider while traveling to Morocco are:  Casablanca  (very well known for its movie base),  Fez (The oldest and most historical center),  Marrakech (this location gets lots of tourism, it’s a very large and modern city), Ouarzazate (another fantastic city for historical references), Tangier (Lots of travelers from Europe come here).  And so much more.  Don’t forget to get a guide while traveling here.

We offer beautiful villas and resort style homes in Morocco for rental.  We will be adding more homes to this area as we progress.


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