What is our Mission? Most have a mission of making money and that's it. In the era of the .com we have seen that people take away spirit and energy from connecting and instead go for the "quick" plug and play lifestyle. Most won't leave their homes to enjoy even the most amazing of experiences because it cuts into their day, a peaceful moment is gone and replaced with a computer screen and shop at home savings for quick delivery.

The internet has connected us but has left us somewhat disconnected at the same time. We want more time but instead our mobile life takes our time away. Children eat with their phones, mother shop on their phones, texting, blogging, messaging, skyping, online conferences and work follows us now wherever we go. We don't have more time we simply are less mobile as people and more mobile on devices.

So what does that mean about this site?

If you're here to click through and think people pay to advertise here you're wrong. The owners and managers and companies we work with, we know them. The places people click onto and want to discover, you can rest assured we've got your vacation or getaway at heart. The weddings you want to plan and have saved up for, we're here for you and will help you. That privacy you need when the world is looking over your shoulders every day in and out, we're here to help you find that. We are really here! We are really people! At end of the night we don't disappear into a dark room and leave you alone. Our phones are forwarded to real people, to us. We have no rerouting of calls or crazy prompting to say "you don't matter," because YOU MATTER to US!

We cannot promise you the things that some sites promise, quickly booked and done with. That's not how we operate and we like to think that's not how you think about your time away. We are looking to the future and communicating with you about your trips and hoping that we are doing all we can to make that trip matter. We truly hope it does interest you that we are small business that is feeling the weight of the bigger .com world. We know that it may seem easy to press a button and forget about it, forget about the people and the jobs they lose, the memories of the small shops and stores we used to visit just because we wanted to get out into the world. We are here, we are real and we value every single person who makes the stand, makes it their MISSION to keep small business going.

No, we won't ever have those fancy commercials or the Big signs that say "come in," but we will always have our staff here ready to take care of you. We don't want to be just any site you visit. We want you to call and email and talk to us. We want and value your concerns about locations that are safe and if you need that high chair or require a special needs house, we want to be sure we fulfill that need. No, we are not just another site, we're your family store online. We're that place you remember you want to go when you want to feel like you know people, where people remember your name, where your money is safe and your values cherished.

Spend that time with us and let that be our Mission Statement to you. To say "WE / I / ALL OF US" VALUE your business and we will do our very best to make sure that every trip is personal. For those who are new to our site, Welcome. For those who are coming in again, Welcome Back.

Thank You to All Visiting us for Making us part of YOUR travel plans.

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