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Mission statement

I've never felt more deeply about my mission than I do today. Having the ability to see the past and future I see the very stark differences and how time and things have changed. However, my view on life and all it means and show be has never been more true than it is today.

I see the world as a possibility to build purpose into everything that I do in my life and business. The mission of my heart and this company is the same, to do what I can to accomplish the impossible to some, but not to me. We are building upon a dream that purposeful travel and purpose itself are an intertwined reality that live within us all. That we can make better the world by knowing how we impact it. That each of us makes the decision to do or not do, to feel or not feel, to help or not help. Those decisions then guide us into a world where we are freer to be who we are meant to be. Within those choices I want every moment I spend to impact people in a purposeful way. By you choosing to work with us than we are able to help an animal or a child or a family or the planet, without a doubt a very ambitious mission I'm told. Yet it's what my heart desires and longs for.

Our mission here is simple, a simple plan, one that you can all be involved in. I want to change the world in some way that gives us all meaning. I want the big corporations to lose out on your hard earned money so that we can in turn work together to build a better world. I want to be the company you come to because when you work with us I know we are making an impact and that is what fuels me.

My mission is a mission of change and interconnecting us all so that we know we have made an impact and that impact will resonate within the walls of this office and it will fuel the very real possibility that you can enjoy the world and travel and also safe the world in one very big momentous journey. Take that journey with us and join our mission, not because you have to but because you believe and want to do more than you thought possible.

Maybe this is no ordinary mission but I am not ordinary owner and we are no ordinary company...

Thank you for all that you are and do,

Maria Salazar - President & Founder


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