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South Africa has been a hotspot for people to travel to from around the world. This is a place where you can find beautiful beaches, history, modern design, amazing culture, wines and the ability to go from one type of vacation to another in just a few hours drive. South Africa is where beaches are abounding as well with beautiful migrating sea-life, including whales and dolphins, making their way through as they look for breeding grounds annually. Here you'll also find plooms of beautiful kelp forrests where you can dive and be one with nature, enjoying the beautiful natural world as the wonders of animal life swim all around you. Many people enjoy the idea of simply discovering where humanity began, the Eden of the world, where nature and all that is "beautiful" began. This is absolutely a place to discover on your bucket-list of places to go.

Many of the people who travel annually will go to Cape Town, S.A. A wonderful mix of restaurants, beaches, night-life and so many amazing holiday villas to stay in during your trip. This area is also known for it's Music, Art, and beautiful cultural gatherings. The Electronic Music Festival happens every year around March in Cape Town, the Jazz Festival is also amazing in March, the Cheese Festival for the lovers of food is in April and Riebeek Valley Olive Festival is in May, you can find so many wonderful things to do in Cape Town which really makes for a wonderful experience for the entire family.

For those who love beaches, many flock to Plettenberg and Knysna beaches, along the Garden Route. This is a lovely place to escape to Castles on the Beach, a great theme there along the Coast where many villas are turned into Castle Structures and really stand out among the soft sands of the beaches. As well the beaches offer some of the most special places to surf, relax with family and enjoy 5 star cuisine and resort living. It's a special place for traveling when you want a beach holiday with family. We offer some amazing homes in the area catering to families from every corner of the world.


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