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Right now is the time to discover new areas, our offices are currently offering villas in Dubai, in the UAE, for your accommodations.  Chose from a variety of villas, including beachfront, Island Homes, or Luxury Apartments in the city.  No matter where you go, you know that you’ll  feel the city come alive.  The entire city is a tribute to the amazing power and strength in structure and in a cultural society that thinks outside of the box. Creating an amazing skyline that can also be seen from space.

Currently we do not offer pet friendly accommodations but if you would like more information on Dubai, please let us know.  The region is lovely but if traveling you are encouraged to check with the US State Department about traveling to the area, or your local government agency, for specific requirements for visa and area customs that must be adhered to.  Remember you are traveling to a region that is going to encourage you to embrace other cultures and forget the customary beliefs you are used to.  This is a wonderful spot for those who are looking to “get away from it all.”

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