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Traveling to Canada

There are many wonders in the world, many beautiful sites to see, but if get a chance you must visit Canada.  Known for its mountainous regions to the West, where you’ll find Whistler Mountain (British Colombia) one of the best ski destinations in the World, offering you the experience of a lifetime.  The stars often come out during the winter and you never know who you’re going to see. Also try the Black Diamond on Lake Louise, we hear it’s one of the best, and fiercest thrills you’ll ever have.  British Colombia offers other great adventures as well, such as Whale Watching (in Vancouver and Victoria), Discover Dog Sledding in Quesnel Lake (experience nature in a different way), Powel River (for it’s great history), Kootenay Rockies (offers some amazing hot springs), Vancouver (for its city lights and sounds), or just take a tour and get to know the history of the aboriginal ancestry.  And don’t forget home to the 2010 Winter Games!

To the East  you have Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick on the Coast.  This area offers amazing history, having one of the oldest known settlements in Canada and offering visitors a beautiful gleaming coral sand.  It’s a lovely place to visit if you are looking to travel during summer months.  Additionally you can dive off the Bay of Fundy, Golf on Cape Breton Island, Visit Anne of Green Gables Home, See nature and take a tour of the local wildlife (maybe see a Black Bear or in the distance spot a beautiful Killer Whale).  No matter where you go on the Coast, it will be memorable.

You can Experience the North where ½ of the people are aboriginal and get a glimpse back in history.  The Northern Territories also draw a crowd of tourists looking to experience the Aurora, where the lights seem to dance at night.  The travel here can be a little shaky, so getting a guide is a great idea.  In Central Canada you have all of the Great Metropolitan Cities: Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Niagra Falls and so much more.  These cities offer a range of shopping, dining, and experiences.  From the Toronto Film Festival to the Shaw Festival in Niagra and then the International de Jazz Festival of Montreal. 

We offer great Chalets for Skiing, Cottages, Homes on the Beach, luxury villas, and more for the Canadian Traveler.

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