The Safe House
Location Beds Baths Sleeps Night Low Weekly High Weekly Peak
Psirri 1 1 4 €200 InquireInquire
The Safe House Vacation Rental

Enjoy your stay in a cinematic, secret agent's Safe House. A former escape room opens its doors to accommodate those that want to enjoy a secret agent's Safe House and live in a themed loft just 5 minutes from Acropolis. A spacious, 1,400 sq. ft. loft, that accommodates up to 4 adults

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Villa Valli
Location Beds Baths Sleeps Weekly Low Weekly High Weekly Peak
Athens 4 4 8 €5,000 InquireInquire
Villa Valli Vacation Rental

Villa Valli at the Anavyssos seaside, suburb of Athens, presents a unique opportunity for enjoyable vacation time very near Athens, while at a country seaside environment The castle-villa has 5 full equipped, luxury bedrooms with baths

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Ktima Xatzi
Location Beds Baths Sleeps Weekly Low Weekly High Weekly Peak
Athens 5 10 10 €7,000 InquireInquire
Ktima Xatzi Vacation Rental

Enveloped by 7 acres of Mediterranean garden with olive grove, orchard, 1 acre of lawn & a variety of colorful tropical and exotic flowers. Villa & the gardens are guarded 24 hours by private security and high intelligence thermal cameras.

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Greece has long been known for its mythical tales of war and warriors, fighting to the death, escaping near death, and then being honored and revered throughout the centuries.  Mainly Greece is known as the birthplace of Democracy, which today proves one of the most significant Societal ways in which to live harmoniously with one another, while agreeing to disagree. More recently movies have captured the strength of Greeks, but there is also the softer side of Greece, those that enjoy the Greek Islands and escaping to the sandy beaches and amazing cliff tops.

Greece offers Athens, one of the oldest cities in recorded times, bringing us modern culture and existentialism, which gave Plato and Aristotle rise to their power of persuasion over such a diverse group of people.  From the Parthenon, said to have been built for the Greek Goddess Athena, to the Temple of Apollo, standing strong till this day. 

Why Visit Greece?  Well, Greece offers you the history, the sun, the warmth and strength of the people, as well as these amazing cities and islands to visit: Rhodos, Samos, Skiathos, Cyclades, and more, in the Aegean Sea.  Crete offers us Chania, Lisithi, and Iraklio.  The Ionian Islands offer Corufu, Ithika, Lefkas, Zykynthos, and Let’s not forget Athens in the mainland, the Santorini Islands or the wide variety of smaller islands that can accommodate your entire family in Villas.

Villa Rentals are very popular because you can find privacy and relaxation on the beach or on a Cliffside with your own private, self catered  home.  This is great for those looking for something very special.  Some accommodations are perfect for family reunions, weddings, or just short breaks with colleagues.  Greece is truly a great place to visit for the holiday season or any season.  Be sure to note that high season is during the summer months and you can find great deals on shoulder dates, but they may be a bit chillier.

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