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For Home Owners


Home Owners are a very important part of what we do.  From the house you’ve chosen to list to the relationship we form with our owners.  Every aspect of the relationship is important and our shared responsibility in helping you book your home is never received more fully than within our office and with our staff. 


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For Property Managers


The World of Property Management varies in so many different ways and we understand your need to be detailed oriented.  We are here to help you make the most of your time by professionally marketing your homes.  There is no need to create dozens of listings and pay for advertising all over the place, we can help with all of it. Whether we are the only source for your Marketing Needs or if we are just helping with the bookings aspect, we can do as much or as little as you need us to.





Listing Your Home with Dreamexoticrentals.com


Home Owners

There is no fee to list your home on our site. This is a pay for performance program, which is different than your "fee" sites, which charge a base rate for advertising on their site. Our advertising is done professionally and focuses in on Internet marketing throughout various sites on your behalf. You are paying for RESULTS! You only pay when your home is booked and not for a site that is not bringing you any rentals.

As well as professionally marketing your home, we provide a "one email" experience for the customer, which will help them cut through the homes that do not "match" their needs and move them quickly towards finding one that does.
Listing your home on our site(s) is a personal choice. We offer a professional atmosphere that client's return for year after year. It is not just the "listing" of the home that a vacation rental client is looking for, it is the "trust" and "experience" that we are not mass marketing blindly without taking into consideration every traveler searching our site.

What we do for you?

Our company offers you a unique opportunity to “Let us do all the work on your behalf, the owner.” When we take on a property we are placing our name on it. This lets the guests know that these owners care about their homes and are ready for guests to arrive. The idea behind our approach is simple, we get a quality home to market and you get a quality client to rent from you.

A lot of sites will give you the platform, but we do more than offer a platform. We offer the peace of mind that your home will NOT be handed over to people who are not qualified to stay in your home. You may not want underage renters, people who smoke or parties at your house. We take very specific steps to ensure that every client we put through is going to treat your home with dignity and respect.

Aside from that, we offer you a unique page that is translated into various languages and listed on Platform Sites at NO cost to you. Yes, we incur the cost of listing on other platform sites, including some of our competitor sites. So, you are certain that we are serious about the dedication we take in marketing, listing, and booking your villa through our site(s).

It’s like  having your own private booking office.

Why don’t I just do it on my own?

Everyone has the right to market their home on their own. How we differ is that we take that time you would be spending on calls, emails, and booking the home, so you can just relax and concentrate on other things. All we require is that you keep your home inviting, welcoming the client’s with a positive experience, so that they come back year after year.

If you prefer to market the home on your own, listing it yourself on the platform sites, please speak to one our marketing professionals first. We may also be able to list your home, but not all homes are accepted into our programs, so please make us aware of any other sites you are working with. We save you time and money, what else can you hope for?

A Breakdown of what we do for you, the homeowner:
1. We list your home on various sites, used in the rental of homes, we call them platform sites.
2. We create an attractive description (unless you have a working description) using features of our home, photos, and area information.
3. We list your home on our sites, which are #1 in Yahoo, Google, BING, MSN, AOL, HOTBOT, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, and many more.
4. We direct client’s to your home, when they are inquiring about your specific area.
5. We send Travel Agents our Booklets, which are updated annually with new rentals.
6. We work closely with Tour Operators and Travel Agents as well as Concierge, and pay them a split commission on anything they book.
7. We Place Ads in Magazines, Radio, and Various Business Review Circulars, we also have a Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace account for those who like social media.
8. We work closely with all past guests, ensuring you get repeat business.
9. We send out a reservation application, which you then sign and return once accepting the renter.
10. We send your contract out in conjunction with our form, so that your contract is always signed.
11. We put your mind at ease by taking care of the transaction from start to finish, we will collect the funds, distribute them to you prefer, and follow up with the client through the process.

12. We send our Welcome Packets to each client, which includes area information, restaurants, and anything else they may need. This packet will also include the owner or manager's information for any emergencies that may arise while the client is within the house.

How does the owner get paid?

The Owner/Manager is paid no more than 5 business days after the funds have cleared. It is a secure and simple way of doing business. You hold all funds, with only our fee being deducted. Owners always hold security deposits, your taxes in full are remitted to you and you receive a detailed invoice in the mail or via email (whichever you prefer).

What fee does Dreamexoticrentals.com charge?

We do not work for free, it’s true. There are no “hidden” charges here.  We do require a commission, however that commission is flexible.   That is discussed on an individual basis. Please email us at msalazar@dreamexoticrentals.com for more information on adding your villa into our program.

Each owner is different and we understand that, we are very flexible with our homeowners. As a benefit this year we are adding an owner discount to all homes listed on our site. If you plan to travel, call one of our representatives, and start saving on your next villa experience. Some home owners have saved up to $30,000 on their Villa Rentals Worldwide.

Additionally For Home Owners

Before you list your home you must understand a few things about how we differ from other companies. We do not blindly list homes on our site. If we can not verify through your tax records, your country tax records, address history, and/or references, that the property you are advertising is either owner or managed by you, we will not list it. We have dedicated our time to ensuring our client's who enter this site are entering a site with extremely high standards. We require a formal listing application, which will include your name, address, personal information, and various references for verification. We may also seek outside verification methods at our disposal.

We are not responsible for paying your taxes, we are not a real estate broker, and we cannot sell or transact a sale of your home. We do not broker deals of homes, we do not function as a management company, and we cannot oversee your estate. We CAN refer you to qualified agents in your country/city/state. We can also refer you to qualified management companies who can assist in the upkeep of your home. A property manager is an important part of any home, they make sure that the home does not go into disrepair and keep the villa running smoothly.

We understand some areas have restrictions on rentals, you MUST let us know that in advance. We do not monitor your location, if you cannot rent your home or have a problem with rental restrictions, please advise our offices.

We are NOT responsible for policing each listing and take offense at any city/state/country official who wishes to have us do so. We are not going to police home owners and their homes; we are here to provide a service. If any agency has a formal complaint against an owner, they should reach the owner, and understand the relationship with this site and the owner ends at marketing their homes and helping our client's find a home. We will not share personal and private information with individuals who wish to communicate their desire to locate an owner of a home for reasons other than the rental of their home.

A state/city should govern themselves accordingly, seeking alternate methods of finding information. Our files are private and will not be shared.

Setting up a Home for Rental?

If you are setting up a home for rental or in the beginning stages of renting your home and want some advice, please feel free to ask. We are here for support and we will help in any way we can.

If you are looking to purchase a Vacation Rental, you may contact our offices and will direct you to our "trusted" list of agents in your area, they can help you in finding the perfect place.


We look forward to working with you.




Luxury Lifestyle Management Team


Home Owners - List Your Property


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Listing Your Homes on DreamExoticRentals.com


Property Managers


Most people think of property managers as an extension of the home owners, keeping their homes in order and making sure that if there is an issue at the home, that there is someone to take care of it in a timely fashion.


We at DreamExoticRentals.com understand that and we also understand that there is much more to the job than meets the eye.  There are the long hours, the constant phone calls, the numerous updating duties, the numerous maintenance duties, the contracts to write and the taxes to pay (for home owners), this being  just a fraction of what you do.


We also understand the demands of the owners and the money it takes to market these homes to an ever-changing and ever-growing population of travelers, who are seeking more than your “average.”  Most owners now want the best of something for the best price, with the economy being what it is, they believe they are entitled to ask for the more for less. 


These demands can be frustrating and difficult to compete with and at times we understand the fluctuating market may leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth.  And then comes the home owner who wants the most of their home and wants the best prices and wants it rented “all the time.”  Yet you and I both know that is something we cannot promise, because promising a home owner a specific amount of bookings at a particular price leaves us with an expectation from the owner that is sometimes hard to fill.


So where do we come in? 


DreamExoticRentals has the experience you need and the courtesy you desire to find and keep our clients coming back.  We not only bring clients to the table but we also “retain” clients, which is a huge part of what we do. 


Most travelers will NOT go to the same place year after year and they demand new locations and new experiences, which we are more than happy to satisfy.  So that gives the Property Manager a Unique and Individualized experience.  We work “with you” and not “against you.” 


Trust without compromise


We have no desire to steal or sway your home owner to list with us directly.  We respect and honor your relationships with your owners and completely understand that it takes time and money to find a home owner and retain a home owner. 


We will also expect the same trust, as we are sending our clients to you, we hope that your office will also make certain to understand that our clients remain the clients of “DreamExoticRentals.com” and as our clients we do not tolerate managers who try and sway a client to book directly.  If one of our clients should attempt to contact you directly, we would expect the manager to let them know to contact us directly as their booking office requires.


Top Placement


DreamExoticRentals.com can be found on the 1st Page of Google, Yahoo, MSN, BING, ALTA VISTA, Google Europe, Good Spain, Ask Jeeves, as well as a variety of other top search engines worldwide.


Certified & Qualified Agents


Our in-house agents are College Educated at top universities with their certifications as Villa and Travel Representatives.  They are also highly knowledgeable and speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese Fluently.

We strive to educate ourselves and continue to increase our knowledge base by adding more training and continued education.


Ok, so how does it work?


Now that you know a little about what we can do, here is how it would work for you.


Listing Your Properties

DreamExoticRentals.com would review all properties you would like to list (not all will make the cut) and we will then place those homes on our websites. 


Each page will be uniquely keyed so that the search engines can find the individual pages (not just our site) so each home will come up when its name is entered.


We pay top Dollar for SEO and make certain it’s continuously updated and available.


Getting the Inquiries

When a client inquires by phone, email, skype or chat, we send all the information we have on file for your homes.  We inquire through your website (if you have an active calendar we may access) or we call or email you, to check availability.  We hope that you will have an active calendar as this helps us to expedite our calls and emails to clients.  The longer we wait for information the more impatient a client will become.


Included in the emails to the clients are the high resolution photos, the taxes, check in time and any specifics about the area and arrival information (how far to airport, how far from activities, etc.)


We then continue to speak to the clients, help them with travel arrangements, help them with wedding or event information or pair them with chef and nanny services.  No matter what the client needs are, we try to help them from start to finish.


We then secure the home they decided upon.


The Booking Process


Once the client has chosen one of your homes, we then send them out an in-house reservation form.  This in-house reservation form is created for us by our attorneys.  It is a form which lets the client know the next steps we will take in securing their rental.  (1) Holding Dates (2) Securing a Contract from your office for our client (3) Sending the payment details to the client (4) finalizing the booking.


Holding the dates – When a client has filled out a reservation form, we then ask that you hold our dates for 3-5 business days so that we may get 50% of the booking fee from the client.  This gives us time especially since a lot of our clients are from overseas.


Security a Contract – We then send you the names of the clients, the ages, the number of adults and children and booking dates.  You then generate a contract for us, minus your billing information, so that we may send off to the client.  The payment information will be changed to our information, as we accept all payments in-house.


Sending Payment Details to Client – Our office then generates an invoice to the client, with the terms of (1) 50% down to book (2) Damage Deposit Due (3) Balance due 60 days prior.  The client then makes the first payment; we then update their invoice and send you a copy of that invoice.  The invoice will contain the same information we provided you.  The accounting office will then take the agreed upon commission (1/2) out of the first portion and (1/2) from the second portion and then remit payment to your office. 

Finalizing the Booking – Once Final payment is received (60 days out) we remit that payment to your office and we then await the check in instructions from you. We require the address, the driving directions, and anything the client will need to know, including an emergency contact upon arrival.


The Follow Up


The follow up with a client is very important.  It is the reason we do so well even in a slow economy.  Most of our clients are very eager to tell us about their trip, send us photos, and let us know if we should continue to market the home.  It is the client that makes or breaks a house rental for us.  We are very (client) focused.


We also send the client back the security deposit with a “thank you note” and our updated magazine/booklet which includes homes they may like for their next trip, not matter where that may be.


What does DreamExoticRentals.com Expect as a Commission?


We are flexible with our commission, we normally do not take less than 10% and as wholesalers we do expect more because we have to split that commission with our travel and tour operators. 


With that however you get a whole team of professional agents who answer emails for you, market the homes for you, and provide a service unlike any other.  We are a hands on and personal group with years of experience, over 10 years in the villa industry and 15 years in the Luxury Markets.


What do we do if we want to list?


If you would like more information on becoming a Partner with DreamExoticRentals.com, listing your homes and letting us market your homes to our clients, than please see the link below. 


If you would like to email us directly with questions, please email rent@dreamexoticrentals.com and we can assist with any questions you may have about the process.


We look forward to working with you.




Luxury Lifestyle Management Team


Home Owners - List Your Property


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