Welcome to Dreamexoticrentals.com, marketing homes professionally for owners worldwide since 1999.  We are Verified Only, By owner Listing Site, which means we market these homes for individual owners or property managers seeking more exposure.  Our Site is Extremely Easy to use.  Please see tips below.

Finding Your Location on our Site

There are many ways to get your search started.  We have a general map that you can click onto (if you do not see any homes in your desired areas than you can send us an email inquiry) or you can click onto the Country you are interested in and start your search there.  If you have a problem using the site please feel free to call us at 866-293-9061 or 786-293-9061.

Inquiring about a Villa (One Email it’s that Simple!)

Once you’ve found a villa or two that matches your particular needs all you need to do is send ONE EMAIL FORM Yes, that’s right, just one Inquiry is all you need!  How we work our One Email Program is simple.  You just fill in the form, making sure to input your dates of travel, number of guests, desired location, and budget.  You may ask why budget?  Well, budget tells us what to send you and what not to send.  If your budget is 3,500 USD and we send you homes in the 10,000 USD range than we have not provided a good match.

Once we have all of the information we need from you we will then send you back a Vacation Rental Selection.  That selection is based on your criteria and on the availability of the homes in the area of choice.  On our site there is no need to spend hours browsing, we take the guesswork out, giving you more free time to plan activities and all other aspects of your trip.

Receiving a Reply

Once you receive a reply from one of our Villa Specialists, then you can go ahead and start to narrow down to the home that fits your needs best.  You may ask for the Villa Specialist to search for other criteria or edit your search with them at any time via email or phone call.  You will normally receive a reply within minutes of inquiring, if within the USA or Europe.  If you are inquiring from any other continent where the time difference is 8 hours or more, please expect a response within a 12-24 hour period.  Our Specialists will do their best to accommodate your time difference.  Please check your SPAM box as some servers will put our email response into SPAM.  Add us to your “safe senders” list for future inquiries.

What do I do once I’m Ready to Book?

Once you’re ready to book, everything moves quickly.  Since other inquiries are coming in the owners do not allow us to place holds on any properties over 48 hours.  So, just because it is available one day, doesn’t mean it’s going to be available the next.  Holiday Time Frames and High Season times get booked up fairly quickly.  So do not delay when you find the right home.

You will be sent a form to fill out, which tells the owner who you are and how many are in your group.  Once that is filled out and faxed back to our offices, we then start the process of getting the paperwork from the owner to you.  The paperwork normally consists of a contract from the owner, the payment terms, and cancellation policies.  Each villa is different so we cannot send you a copy of a contract that is general, there are no general contracts.  As these are by owner listings, they are set to the owners standards, our offices merely handle the marketing and processing portion. 

How does Payment Work? 

When you are booking a property, depending on how far in advance you are booking, 50% is due to confirm and lock in your dates.  That is 50% of the actual rate of the house plus any taxes and exit cleanings due to the owners.  This does not include security deposit which can be paid with the last payment.  The last payment is due 60 days prior to your stay.  Remember that if you are booking last minute than the payment is due in full.  This process has been agreed upon by each owner.  Some owners may fluctuate in case you need a little more time, but if you are having a hard time getting the final payment in, please contact our offices right away so we can inform the owners.  You do not want to lose your deposit and we are not liable for your loss.  You are responsible in getting your deposits and final payments into the owners in a timely manner.

What Kind of Payment do You Accept?

At this time we are accepting personal checks, cashier’s checks, bank transfers and company checks. We are accepting credit cards at this time, but we require property identification. We will not accept a 3rd party credit card. We are not accepting Diner's at this time. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Debit Cards with the Banks as mentioned. Unfortunately due to the high risk factors associated with credit cards we have a processing and handling fee that varies from 3-5%. You must provide a driver's license, copy of your card must be seen physically and we sometimes all the banks to verify payment as well.

Please note that we verify each cashier’s check by digitally transferring the check to the issuing bank. Any check returned will be thought of as a missed payment, which puts you at risk of losing your deposit or the home you are booking.

Corporate Clients please note when sending a company check you must include the contact name and phone number as we need to verify the check has been issued according to your company guidelines. We appreciate your business

Where does our money go?

We do not hold any rental funds in trust.  That means that once a payment comes in, the owner is paid directly within 5 days of your check clearing or within hours of your wire coming into our offices.  This means that we are not holding any money that belongs to you.  All of your funds have left our office months prior to your departure.

What happens if I have an issue at the home upon arrival?

If you have an issue at the home upon arrival, you must inform the owners or management company that will be letting you in.  We highly recommend you view the home or at least know the area and have seen enough photographs to satisfy your needs.  You are renting a BY OWNER home, we merely market the homes to our fullest capacity for each owner.  By viewing the home you will see what you are getting and limit any displeasure with the property. 

What is an Exit Cleaning Fee?

An Exit Cleaning fee is for the companies that will be coming in and cleaning the home after you leave.  Each home owner however may require that you take out the garbage, put the dishes in the dishwasher, and empty any trash containers in the rooms to prevent any odors from staying inside the house.  Please read your contracts carefully to avoid any confusion. 

What does the Security Deposit Cover?

A security deposit is what you give to an owner to ensure the owner that you understand that you must leave the house in the same condition that you found it.  If there is a cable bill, internet bill, phone bill, maids bill, or if something is damaged, than the owner reserves the right to deduct the overages or damages from your security deposit. 

Security Deposits are normally returned within 15-30 days of departure to allow for all bills to come into the home owner and all items to be checked to ensure nothing has been damaged. 

Taking out Traveler’s Insurance

Travelers Insurance in every sense of the word is for those who are traveling somewhere and want to make certain that they get their money back if they need to cancel their trip due to Death in the Family, Serious Injury, or Hazardous conditions due to storms in your area that are preventing you from flying or leaving your area.  Please check with your Travelers Insurance Experts for more information. 

When traveling internationally be sure to get a hold of the property manager for your villa, which is provided prior to your departure.  Due to the tumultuous civil and political unrest in some areas, it is highly recommended that you chose your destination of travel wisely.  It is not our responsibility to make sure your trip is insured, if there is a situation that is beyond your control or the control of the homeowner, traveler’s insurance is there to protect you and your trip. 


VIP Renters


We are extremely happy to have worked with many VIP’s throughout the years.  Our Villa Match Specialists are very aware of the energy and dedication it takes to fulfill a VIP’s many needs, from the Security to the Chef services and the privacy factors.  We deal with Athletes, Actors, Actresses, Models, International and National Political Figures as well as the top CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies from around the world.  Our VIP’s get a very unique service and we have been privileged to be hailed as one of the only companies who has been successful in keeping our client’s anonymity every time. 

We know and appreciate every minute spent ensuring that there are no problems during your holiday.  We have very strict policies on furnishing information and releasing information, we have never had a breach, nor do we expect, as a family owned and operated business, that it will ever change.  Our affiliates and colleagues also share our desire to keep you happy and secure, so no matter the need, we are here to help you. 

What you should Know About Vacation Rentals?

What is a True Vacation Rental

A True Vacation Rental is a home that is one that operates under the guidelines of that particular city/state/country Resort Accommodations Guidelines.  A homeowner who is renting their “home for sale” under the guise that it is a True Vacation Rental is not being honest.  Owners are charged accommodations taxes which are different for every state and city within that state/country/district/suburb.  Even a Castle in Ireland pays VAT which is a Vacation Rental or Accommodation tax.  This does not apply to yearly leases, which we do not handle here.  You must use a realtor for an unfurnished yearly lease.

What is the difference between a paid listing site and dreamexoticrentals.com –

A Paid Listing Site is a site where you just post a home and it can be any home (you have no way of knowing whether that home is for sale, in foreclosure, partially used by owner, or being rented legally).  These sites do not monitor any of the homes on their sites, these are individuals, or companies who want to market their homes on their own.  These are valuable sites for marketing purposes but be wary of distinct signs that something is not quite right.  Be sure you get a name of an owner or company, an address, working phone number, and can verify that the company is doing business legally or that the owner does not have a criminal record.  You can legally search criminal  history on any number of websites that are in that local city/area.  You can also check with the Division of Corporations to make sure the company is up to standard without serious complaint.

It is difficult to be sure who anyone is.  That is why we make certain our owners are all verifiable.  We always get various contacts, check with the cities, check with that state, and country to make certain that owner/company is legally running a business.  The last thing we want is for you to have a disappointing vacation.  Although we can never be 100% sure that nothing will happen in the future we can always verify them prior to their listing with us. 

It is good to note that we turn down 40% of the home owners that contact us.  We do not cater to home owners or companies who have bad reputations under Trip Advisor or with their local Better Business Companies.  It is important for us to maintain a good working relationship with both our owner and our guest who is inquiring about a home.  We are passionate about what we do and we look forward to feedback about any of the homes. 

Unlike Listing Sites we remove any listing that has 1 negative commentary on it.  If a home has had a negative comment or letter, where the owner has shown negligent behavior towards a guest, including cleanliness, all items in the home in good condition and working order, or rude behavior towards a client, than we have the absolute right to remove this home and owner from our system.  There is no second chance with our company, once a home has received a serious negative commentary it’s gone!


Vacation Homes are the new way to travel and we understand that.  See our Pet Friendly site for Pet Friendly homes www.petsgettostay.com , and if you have any questions, feel free to call us and speak to anyone here @ 786-293-9061.




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