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About our Little Company

Seeking to pioneer online marketing of by-owner property rentals, was founded in 2000. Using highly engaging photos and area information, we curated only the best locations in an effort to market high end luxury villas worldwide in a way never before seen.

Achieving our goal, for over 15 years Luxury Lifestyle Management has successfully connected luxury travelers, with elite properties & locations while providing truly specialized and personalized experiences.

The goal is not to take on every client but to engage clients who want more than a bQuickb booking and nothing more. We are professionals who go that extra mile to make sure your escape away from the ordinary turns out extraordinary.

Since 2001 we have added homes on almost every continent, working with private owners, resort villas, private selections, private islands, and so much more. Offering services no other company would take on, like planning a wedding, planning a corporate retreat, organizing one of a kind Italy Tours with professionals with over 30 years of experience. We donbt just want your business we want your lifelong business, your trust and to be the bcompanyb you come back to year after year sharing the memories and new adventures every year.

Unlike any other time the internet is jam packed with companies offering fees for things we do for free. Itbs overflowing with quick bbid for itb types of homes. If this is the style of booking you want, than you probably donbt want us. We wonbt just send you a response with one house then follow it with an invoice. We will send you multiple homes and follow it with questions and responses because YOU matter to us.

Born of an idea, one of the first, yet boutique, we are still boutique and we are still a business dedicated to hard work and dedication. Our staff is here to make sure you get to your destination safely and we are all here to make sure your money is spent on more than a fancy website but on the quality of services you receive.

President, Maria Salazar, has always envisioned a business that would be more like a family, with every new client extending that family out. With each year we have followed that with new and wonderful clients who become our friends over time. We welcome you to be part of a family, our family here at dreamexoticrentals, where we do, Deliver!

We are best at:

  • Concierge Services

  • Travel Planning

  • Inventory Control & Staff Coordinator

  • Signature Amenities

  • Concierge Services

  • Travel Planning

  • And many more...

  • 52147 people sent on a vacation
  • 52587147 miles traveled by our clients
  • 3872 birthdays on private islands
  • 5258 weddings organized by us

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