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Dream Exotic Rentals started as one of the first, By Owner Marketing Resources. As the owner, with a degree in Psychology and work experience in Marketing, I felt in 2000 that there was more to the Marketing Strategy that could be addressed through personalized services. My goal was to create a website(s) that would allow people to view homes throughout the world, with highly engaging photos and area information, which until we began marketing high end luxury villas worldwide was something unseen before.


There then came the pain of growing online, a virtual business that gave rise to many competitors, including some overseas. Our objective however remained the same, to serve not just a mass of homes or home owners, but to offer quality and services. The thing that helps us remain a frontrunner until this day is our ability to educate the public on what is and is not a good destination of choice. We don’t just answer the phone and treat every caller or email inquiry like the other; we handle our client’s with care. We understand that every person has a different set of points they want to address in their holiday. Some clients have children, while others have pets; some client’s want to add services, while others want to self-cater. No matter what the question is, we take time to address that need.


If you ask what the major point About Me and US as a company is, well, we do not take on more than we can handle. This is not a site where you will find (all) of the homes people want to post. This site is for homes that are truly vacation rentals by owner. We do not accept homes that are for sale, we do not continue to work with home owners that have negative feedback. Even though we are not directly responsible for managing any of these homes, we take pride in our hand-picked selection. If an owner does not handle our client’s as we would, well then we don’t want to work with those owners. We are not here to sell you a home, to manage a home, or to broker you a deal. We are a true advertising and marketing site. Where our work is to put your home out there, into the search engines, and get you the exposure that your home deserves.


We are a Giving Company, our Motto is simple, while we are able than we must give back to those less fortunate. Whether it’s donating through Animal Shelters, Women’s Shelters, Cancer Research, Diabetes Research, or any one of thousands of charities there are out there, we give. We give every year to different organizations, we donate part of every rental to charity. So, your dollars do not only help us stay in business, they help us in helping others. This was something I adopted through years of watching people NOT GIVE. I watched as people walked by the homeless, I watched as people threw away money on cars and yachts and luxuries, all while they could afford to do so much more. So, this is a big part of our company, it is a big part of why I believe in being in business, so that I can help where others would not.


I am also a woman in business, as the owner it was extremely difficult to get financing for my company. I was turned away, denied loans, and told that I should have money before I could make money. This was meant to deter me, but door after door, no after no, it did not. I simply set aside my ideas of what a business should be and I self-funded. Through hard work and dedication and with long hours and perseverance I came through some very tough and trying years. This company did not grow from a loan or wealth, it grew from the daughter of blue collar worker, from strength and hard work, even as I was being told that I wouldn’t accomplish what I needed to without money. I built my own brand with nothing more than my heart and that takes more than assertion and buying up all of the small businesses online, it takes loving what you do and wanting to do it better.


Most of the times you read the “About Us” section of a site, you will be met with the same jargon. Someone telling you about their accomplishments, about their earnings, their offices all over the world, their net worth. I am a small business which started with a small dream and I moved that forward to reality. We are a USA business and we believe in the American Dream. I think every person has the capacity to do great things and as long as they work hard anything is possible.


Additionally as a side note: We have wonderful references for people looking for Realtors, Travel Agents, Tour Guides, and More. We do not sell or manage properties I’m afraid, but there are some wonderful companies that do. I hope this told you a little About US, we hope that you found this information informative and that you invest in an American Small Business. We always hope our clients are return clients and we appreciate Every Dollar you spend with us.


My Wonderful Staff Include



Sales Management – A. Mesas


Our Sales Manager is a “one of a kind” hard working person, with the compassion to help you and the consideration to treat all of your requests with great care and diligence. Having graduated at the top of his class with a degree in Business he was ahead of the curb. He is motivated by his heart, his future, and the knowledge that what he does matters. He is an integral part of the machine, where the patience and heart of a company is visible, where the mechanism can show fault or can grow stronger. He has proven for almost 7 years that he is a person who can be trusted to stand beside you and help you grow and in turn knows that he will benefit as well as the company.


He has welcomed a son into his family recently and has also proven to be an amazing father and husband. He is a great reflection of what a Sales Manager should be, “dedicated, patient, and understanding.” These elements make him impossible not to connect with and I’m sure any employer would say the same. He has a real flair for helping people feel comfortable with any decision they make. He is also well versed in sports athlete needs, VIP Standards, exotic car rentals, and lifestyle management.


Finance Director – E. Caixeta


Our Finance Manager is someone who does all of the work that anyone else would find time consuming and tedious. With a degree in Business from Brandeis University, she has made her mark on this company and has come to play a very big role in leadership and organization.


Her skills take her from setting up quarterly reports, issuing payroll checks, paying vendors, sending out invoices to clients, billing for services to following up with clients when they return from their trips. She gives her all no matter what task is at hand and believes in the quality of her work. Having been with us 5 years she has developed a style that is her grace and logic.


She in turn has put the organization into the mechanism that drives this company, if she were not in her position than things would not run smoothly. I welcome the guidance and understand that not everyone is versed in every aspect of business; her strengths shine through, as she continues to grow in our company.


Partnerships & Villa Rental Specialist – N. Taylor


She came on board with spirit and dedication having just left a job in Graphic Design. Although she had little sales experience her skills at being organized and efficient made it easy to transition to helping others organize their time. She works diligently to make sure our Travel Partners (Travel Agents & Villa Specialists) have what they need to do their jobs and she makes sure her own clients are well taken care of. She also serves as part of the Coast Guard Reserves and makes her mark as a great leader in more than one way.


IT Specialist – L. Caixeta


Working remotely he has become a very integral part of the office staff, although remotely, he takes care of our server and our websites. As an online business presence we need to assure our needs are met daily and he is there to continuously update and keep us current in our networking.


He is also a hands on father and husband.


Sales Team


We have a great sales team in and out, which work diligently to assure we are getting the newest homes to our customers. We like to think of them as our “Dream Team” internally of course. They are simply the best at what they do, no matter whether it’s Chef Services, Wedding Planning, or Reservations for our many luxury items both new and old. We continue to strive to assure we have the best, so you get the best in Luxury Villas and Luxury Rentals.



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