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About our Little Company

Once in a great while a story is born, not one that starts out amazing but that simply starts.  As a woman starting this business was not because I had means, on the contrary I did not.  Soon after that I found means were the only way people would back a business run by a woman.  No sooner had I a setup a business plan than every door was slammed in my face even those offering "help" to minority owned business owners. A complete farce to say the least, as is much of what we see as media hype. 

I was not deterred.  I was angry and frustrated at the idea that a woman had such little value and could be swiped away so easily with a swaying of the hand, but as a woman, as most know, it takes more than that to deter us.  For me the idea of building upon my business idea was not a simple means but a life and a way to build a family business that would sustain myself, my employees and my family.  Why not?  I was the daughter of two hard working Blue Collar hard working parents, although little to give monetarily they instilled a work ethic in me. A work ethic that meant you need to work for what you want and nothing is handed to you, no tears and go forward, don't let anyone deter you even if you feel it don't ever show it.  

So that's what this business is all about and has been about for almost 16 years.  I have had with my family of co-workers and FAMILY a level of ups and downs that only a small business owner can know.  We give all we have, we give all we can, we work hard for you.  We work long hours and we make sure that if you're not happy we try and make you happy.  Even if outside of our reach we do what we can to assure that our clients are treated with dignity and respect, because above all else, we're a family of people with families.  We are here to make sure you get the best service and that's why we work hard.  This isn't some automated service or some automated website where you place your information in and you get the rock bottom pricing available.  We do have our rate checks and balances and be assured work for the best rates or lower than!  However we are actually here and working and not in some other place monitoring what goes on. Our numbers are live, the people are real, we are real.

So when  you work with us know in your  heart you are helping to sustain a small business.  You are helping to give families jobs and helping to continue supporting the economy as we do within the walls of our office.  You are helping us to find a future even in the world of the automated techy robots that keep popping up everywhere.  I can't tell you how many sites I see daily with no human face, just rates, nothing more.  As if we've determined somehow that people are just not important.  To us however people are important.  Our clients are important, my employees and family are important, our homeowners and hotels are important. I pride myself in being licensed and insured to do what I do.  I pride myself in paying my taxes. I pride myself in living in a world that is filled with opportunity.  As a woman opportunity is something that is hard to come by in this big world.

So if you want to know about us, call us.  See that we are here and book with us.  Be part of a real business not some .com business transaction.  Show the world that our businesses matter that we matter and we will be all that we can be, do all that we can do, to make your experience great.  I won't promise that sometimes dishwasher's won't break or managers won't be on time to fix the water heater, but believe me we are nagging them every step of the way to assure they are.  

When you work with US you work with EVERYONE.  Every home, every hotel, every vacation idea you have.  You want a Cruise, we do it!  You want a culinary tour of Italy, we've done it!  You want a barge vacation or to organize a wedding or corporate retreat, we have the BEST.  Are you a VIP or Celebrity who wants to be left in peace and alone, WE HAVE DONE It for 16 PLUS years.  So there is a reason we're here.  We're here because we're working!  So please, work with us.  Then you will see what being part of the future really means.  It means that people keep their jobs and families get fed and friends get made.  You won't regret it, you'll just see the difference that a real person makes.


From the bottom or our hearts...  The Dreamexoticrentals Family!

We are best at:

  • Concierge Services

  • Travel Planning

  • Inventory Control & Staff Coordinator

  • Signature Amenities

  • Concierge Services

  • Travel Planning

  • And many more...

  • 52147 people sent on a vacation
  • 52587147 miles traveled by our clients
  • 3872 birthdays on private islands
  • 5258 weddings organized by us

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