Travel Partners

What is a Travel Partner?

A Travel Partner is someone who works in Association with you, a supplier or a vendor, someone in your field or that  has an area of specialty in travel that you may be in need of.  A Travel Partner is someone that can help make your business better by working in conjunction with you and not in competition with you.  We are after the same thing, to make the client as happy as possible, by offering quality villas worldwide that meet and exceed their needs.  We do this by hand picking our villa selection and having wonderful report with owners and management companies.  This makes it that much easier for us to work together.  Simply put, we want you to feel confident that we will never go behind your back, we will always keep you first.  If your client calls us direct and we have your client on file, we tell them that they need to speak to their agent directly.  We can also commission you out if they book, whichever you decide is fine with us.

The Commission Structure is simple.  We work on a split commission basis, so if we get 10% than you get 5%, if we get 20% than you get 10%, this is really the only way to work.  You are supplying a customer and we are supplying an accommodation.  This is a process that has worked with our other agents and has proven to be successful.  When this does not work is when our agents try and negotiate directly with the owners by either trying to go around us and form a relationship or trying to get the client to go direct and form a relationship, this never works out.  If you are found to be doing this, we immediately stop our relationship with you and you are put on our list of agents not to work with.  This is something that is unfortunate but has happened before and forces our hand in this matter.  

When do you get paid?  If you refer a client to our offices and we are booking a villa for your client, when we receive payment, than you receive your commission no more than 10 days later.  Our agents are very important to us and we understand you are doing the work as well as we, so we make sure you are paid for your efforts.  The only reason this would not happen is if the Villa, Castle, Chalet, Private Home, Lodge or private resort does not allow for  us to deduct our commission.  If that is the case we will let you know and this most often happens when the villa is a privately managed high end villa that may have a commission in excess of 10,000 Dollars.  The owners protect themselves by only paying when the client has paid in full and has arrived at their villa safely.  We are then paid upon departure of the client.  This is however VERY RARE and should not be considered the norm in this industry.

May we list your villas or products on our site?  Please ask us for the information for the villas you would like to have on your site, we must obtain permission for some, but most will allow for it.  

How does the pricing work?   You can see pricing on our website, as well as photos, feel free to grab them from the site or ask for a Brochure from one of our agents.  Once you receive the brochure you can send it along.  The rates are on the site and not hidden.  You can change the name of the villa if you prefer, but remember that this is not necessary as we are working together.  Your client will be noted and you will be contacted if they try to book direct.  We are very cautious about this.  Pricing is not inclusive of any taxes, security deposits, or final cleaning fees.  Additional items such as maid, chef, and spa services should be inquired about, unless the villa says “Fully Catered.”

How can we get started?   If you are a Travel Agent, Concierge, Travel Advisor, or a Travel Coordinator all you would need to do is fill out our form and return it.  We also require a W9 from new Vendors which is for our accounting office.  If you are an international agency we require your tax id or business license or your personal tax id for the paperwork submission.  We do this in accordance with tax law so that we are not left with a  tax liability.  This is in accordance with our office and regulations for businesses doing business in the USA.  We are happy to work with any Travel Professional, all you need do is ask.  Please fax the paperwork back at your earliest convenience.

How do we reach you to book?  We are here every day via phone (786) 293-9061 or if you are in the USA (866) 293-9061 from 9:30AM – 7PM EST.  But you can reach us by email and we will answer earlier and later from  our home offices and not our physical office.  From our Physical office we will reply within office hours.

Languages Spoken?  We speak Spanish, English, Portuguese, but we have agents that can assist with Russian, Italian, French, and German.  So please feel free to email in any language, please let us know if you need to speak to someone in your native language for assistance.

We look forward to working with you!  Welcome Aboard!



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