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The World Cup is Approaching to be held in South Africa from June 11th – July 11th, 2010.  Some of the best Teams will strut their stuff from South Africa, Uruguay, France, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, Nigeria, Korea Republic, England, Slovenia, Germany, Australia, Ghana, and so much more.  Be prepared for some of the best games you’ve ever seen in your life, where the battle for the cup will be won through sweat, blood, and tears.  Ultimately it will be the champion who has dedicated the last 4 years to training and hard work that will win this game.


Accommodations are available throughout South Africa, from large villas, to smaller homes.  No matter what you need we have it available for you. 


Here are some links to places you may like to visit while in South Africa.  We also have Safari and Gaming Reserves available for hire.


FIFA tournament Information


Cape Town International Airport


Cape Town Car Hire


Johannesburg International Airport (Tambo)


Johannesburg Car Hire


Durban International Airport


Port Elizabeth International Airport


Port Elizabeth Car Hire


Kruger International Airport




South Africa is a Premiere Destination for anything Beautiful and exciting.  Make it your next adventure.  We’ll see you for World Cup!!!  Good Luck Teams!!





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